Considerate Cycling 5: Safe At Any Speed?

The display format for graphs and tables in this piece did not survive the transfer from Blogger. The original is still there with all its statistics.


2 thoughts on “Considerate Cycling 5: Safe At Any Speed?

  1. Dear SamLove your blogs. Wonder if you have heard of the National Standard and John Franklin's book Cycle Craft. I wonder how many accidents could be avoided by cyclists taking the principles he outlines and using them. John told me that he used to go (or still does go?) to many court cases dealing with crashes between cyclists and motorists. He estimated that in over 90% of the cases the crash was the motorist's fault but the cyclist could have avoided the crash had they cycled in a different way or on a different part of the road. Speed is not the only hazard at junctions. Most cyclists hug the kerb and thus remain difficult for drivers to see. Most would be drivers take lessons before they venture on the roads. How many cyclists do the same? It's likely that poor road position and a lack of thinking and looking ahead, particularly at junctions,are probably the main reasons so many cyclists get into trouble.

  2. Thanks for the comment bikecat. There is no doubt that anyone who wants to cycle on the roads *as they are* today needs to learn all they can about survival. (including dismounting and walking if a roundabout looks too scary).Personally I learned a lot from helping out with a few children's cycling proficiency sessions as an "additional adult". I have also read chunks of John Franklin's work, which I found helpful. Four of five accidents of my own have taught me a lot too!So at a personal level (I have five sons who occasionally cycle on city streets) I am 100% convinced that cyclists can do a lot to reduce their chances of falling victim to collisions and tumbles.At a political level, though, the need to pester and campaign for better road/path design and for reductions in the volume and speed of motor vehicle traffic is fundamental. Our cars and lorries are remarkably advanced tools – our streets are depressingly primitive. It would be nice to shift he balance.

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