Considerate Cycling 9: Blog Transfer 2

"Hawk Eyes"
Hawk Eyes Supporting Ginger And The Wildhearts on December 13th 2011

Even in a world that isn’t very friendly to bicycles, I enjoy pottering around Bristol and its surrounding countryside two or three times a week.

Inevitably I see a lot and think a little while I am out and about.  I don’t get as cross as I used to about other people doing reckless, thoughtless or selfish things on the roads and paths. Most of their DNA and a lot of their experiences are very similar to my own. None of them have any more control over their world than I do. So I would like to be as considerate as my bad temper will allow.

Anyway, I’ve started blogging a bit and I hope to do a bit more. The first attempts were in Blogger – just over here. I decided to change to WordPress because one or two people suggested Blogger was a bit awkward for comments, and it certainly  wasn’t all that straightforward for constructing and changing blogs. It’s good to learn new things.

This is by way of an introduction and a test. I have it in mind to write about the concept of shared space and the queer things I have heard and read about it in recent days.

I take photographs as well. There are lots more on Flickr just here


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