Considerate Cycling 14: What was supposed to happen here?

There is a unique section of shared space in Bristol where, on a good day, it is possible to see motor vehicles, a steam train, pedestrians and cyclists, all muddling along quite happily together. There are dockyard cranes and ships as well so it can get very exciting.

fairly quiet cycling
It was a quiet day today when I went past today

Today was quiet though and I was in an exploring mood. I had noticed that a new sign had appeared. I’m not sure when it landed  but I decided to investigate its message.

It said “Caution Unsafe for cyclists, Rail tracks in surface. Moving trains and vehicles”.  It offered an “Alternative Route”.

A new sign has appeared fairly recenlty - I'm not sure when.
It says "Caution Unsafe for cyclists, Rail tracks in surface. Moving trains and vehicles"

As I peered around, four or five other cyclists sailed straight past the warning and (presumably) to their doom. I took a chance on the painted recommendation and decided to bear right. I’m always on the look out for an alternative. The painted cycle lane looked very inviting.

But, oh dear.

Oh Dear.
You knew something like that was going to happen, didn't you?

After two arrows and two painted bikes, the lane ended abruptly at the tail end of a row of vehicles parked alongside a row of traffic cones.

I didn’t mnd at all of course. It was quiet, there was more than enough room between the vehicles and the fence and I had nothing better to do than wonder what was supposed to have happened here. I reached the other side of the Mshed safely and turned left to contnue my journey to Temple Meads via Queens Square. Once over the swing bridge  I was only slightly alarmed by a girl on a bike coming straight for me on the wrong side of the cobbled road in my narrow cycle lane.  All in a day’s considerate cycling , eh?


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