Considerate Cycling 40: Five Years of Pedestrian and Cyclist Casualties in Bristol

Cyclist and Pedestrian Road Casualties Reported by
Avon and Somerset Police in Bristol, 2008-2013

Whichever way you look at the figures in Bristol, the five years up to the end of August 2013 have changed nothing as far as cyclist and pedestrian injuries are concerned. Ten a week is what we are used to and ten a week is what we have come to tolerate as normal. A few die. Some spend time in hospital and quite a lot are sent home after being checked or patched up.

We do have a choice in the matter of course. These things can change if we want them to. Consider two photographs taken in Bristol recently.

Do we want more of this?

Or do we want more of this?

My own view is that for about 50p per person per week we could soon have quite a lot more of the latter. Happier cars. Happier pedestrians, happier cyclists.

Bristol Cycling Campaign has demanded a City Council commitment of ¬£16 per head per annum. That’s 31p per man woman and child per week. Six and tuppence in old money. Crazy idealists? I don’t think so.

As I said on ITV News at Ten last week, If we don’t do something now, people will look back at this period of opportunity and wonder what on earth we were thinking of. Here’s the Bristol Cycling Campaign Manifesto:

Data kindly provided by Bristol City Council as database query outputs. Any errors in analysis or representation  are entirely my own.


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