Born Warwickshire, lived in Warwickshire, Canada, Kent, Yorkshire, Teesside, Leeds. Now Bristol. Worked mostly in education: teaching, learning, researching; a bit of writing about education, music and things connected with cycling. Small website at www.juxt.co.uk/samsaunders

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I think the info you’ve got gathered here is amazing, and I hope George Ferguson is going to consult someone like you when it comes to sorting out Gloucester Road for cyclists

    1. It’s kind of you to say that Andrea but there are lots of people doing good things on Bristol’s cycling scene. George has plenty of Council Officers who want to do a good job too – but who are often frustrated by lack of time and money. If you haven’t already seen it there is a Bristol Cycling Manifesto on line that only needs another 120 or so signatures to merit a full council debate on the subject. The link is http://bristolcyclingmanifesto.org.uk/ Perhaps you can pass it on?

      Thanks again.

  2. Hello Sam, may I use part of your ‘thing of beauty’ sustrans sign in a report as an example of cycle network signage please. Will of course credit you.

    Thank you

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