Welfare Reform Bill 2010-11

I sent an email to my MP, Mr Stephen Williams of the Liberal Democrat Party. I have a feeling that if things go on as they are, this will be his last Parliament as an MP if one or two things don’t change. The Welfare Reform Bill, grinding into its final stages this month would be a source of shame for us all if it became law. What I sent him was this:

To: stephenwilliamsmp@parliament.uk

Dear Stephen

I expect you have already seen the “Spartacus Report” (http://dlahelpgroup.com/downloads/Responsible%20Reform.pdf).

I don’t think any document could be as damning of the Coalition Government’s integrity or honesty as this.

I am sure you will press the case to all you are in contact with to stop the progress of the shabby Welfare Reform Bill 2010-11. There is no rhetoric that could excuse it.

There are no sides here. We act with humanity or we don’t. If you want more cash, put my tax up. If you want a lot more cash, ask the CEOs of the FTSE to contribute. If you want a massive fortune, scrap Trident.

My point is that however poor we think we are we do not have an absolute lack of funds. On the evidence of this Bill we have a pretty depressing set of priorities. I want you to do your bit to change the priorities being enacted by your Party and their less squeamish colleagues in Government.

Yours sincerely

Sam Saunders

Please feel free to plagiarise any of my words to send to your MP. My feeling is that if you write in your own style and spelling/typing  mistakes it counts for more than a copied letter. MPs get a lot of standardised letters and emails.  If you have never written to your MP before – try it! They aren’t bad people and they always reply if you have included your postal address (they want to know you are a constituent). Find out the name of your MP here: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/

The blog for more details is probably this: http://diaryofabenefitscrounger.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-support-spartacus-report.html

Don’t forget to write!

3 thoughts on “Welfare Reform Bill 2010-11

  1. Thanks for looking in Jon. I only have an auto response to this, and as far as I recall there was no other. Perhaps my original message was seen as rather generic – the auto response does refer me to his website where general policies are covered. He did respomd specifically to my email about the NHS Bill. Not his one I’m afraid.

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